Are Permanent Cosmetics right for me?
Nearly every image conscious woman or man is a candidate for Permanent Makeup.

Does it hurt?    
There is some pain involved, however, topical anesthesia’s are used to alleviate the discomfort during the procedure.

What if I have allergies?
The client who is allergic to traditional facial makeup is the perfect candidate for a permanent makeup procedure.  
The technician will patch test in the area of the desired procedure, waiting up to 4 weeks before proceeding if

What will I look like immediately following my procedure?
The procedure area will be slightly swollen and irritated.  This is called a wheal and flare reaction.  The area will
appear darker for a few days while it is healing  due to lymph and blood droplets that  may have been brought to the
surface during application.   While the procedure area is healing, it must go through three phases before you will
experience your final results.  This includes healing, peeling, and fading.  The final results may take as long as 4-8
weeks for this process to be complete.

Is this procedure safe?
Permanent cosmetic procedures are safe if the technician has had proper education and follows all of OSHA and
CDC guidelines.  Single use, sterile needles and machine parts are used for each client, then properly disposed of.  

How will I care for my new Permanent Makeup?
After the procedure is complete, you will receive a post treatment instruction sheet.  It is very important that
you follow these instructions.  A follow up visit will be scheduled in 4 to 6 weeks from your initial
application.  This is to fine tune and touch-up any area of the skin that may have expelled the pigment.

Can I have Permanent Makeup if I am taking medication?
Clients on dedication should obtain a release form from their physician prior to any permanent makeup procedure.  
This release should be written on the physician’s prescription notepad and sent to the technician’s office prior to the
start of any procedure.
Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions