Ann provides the best in hand and foot
care with high quality products, also a
jetless pedicure tub to insure proper
sanitation standards.

Classic Manicures
For men and women including nail
shaping, cuticle cleansing and softening,
followed by your choice of polish or

Premium Manicures and Pedicures
include a Paraffin Treatment.

Classic Spa Pedicure
Rejuvenate your feet with a luxurious
spa treatment, including a gentle foot
exfoliation, grooming of nails and
cuticles, followed by a soothing leg and
foot massage. Completed with a polish
or buffing of your choice.
In Ann's Good Hands

Hot Stone Pedicure
Classic Pedicure complimented with warm basalt lava stones placed and massaged on feet and legs. An
awesome relaxing treatment.

Sport Pedicure
Designed specifically for athletes, feet are immersed in a rejuvenation foot soak, exfoliated, then followed with a
buffing of callusus and conditioned with a foot masque. Nails are groomed and buffed to a healthy glow.

Gentle Toenail Grooming
This service accommodates those who have difficulty seeing or reaching toenails. It entails proper grooming along with a
soothing massage.